Grand Millenium Hotel Konya - Görünenin Ötesinde - Covid19 Önlemleri

COVID-19 Precautions


As the Grand Millennium Hotel, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic; Considering the publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) titled “Operational Considerations for Covid-19 Management” for the Accommodation Industry, the statements and recommendations of the Scientific Committee of the TR Ministry of Health, the circular of the Ministry of Tourism and the opinions and suggestions of local health units. A number of new standards have been added. Our Pandemic Monitoring Board has been following the agenda and developments since the very beginning of the pandemic process. Required revisions are made in the procedures and practices according to the findings and suggestions of our Board and the new situations that develop. In addition, thanks to fast and healthy communication within our hotel, decisions are taken quickly,Workplace Health and Safety Committees were established under the chairmanship of the committee, which will be responsible for implementing the action plans created, and necessary trainings were given to the committee personnel.


• Before starting work, our employees are screened for general health and fever measurements are made with digital thermometers. Our personnel with high fever and symptoms related to the disease are not allowed to work. Our personnel who are not feeling well have been instructed not to come to the workplace and about the actions to be taken.

• The uniforms of the personnel are changed and washed frequently, and our personnel undergo disinfection before starting work.
• There are sufficient disinfection units in personnel common areas and working units in the background. Each of our personnel, regardless of the department they work in, must wash their hands every hour according to the rule, as well as disinfect their hands.
• Our personnel working in the background such as housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production areas and the dishwashing house must wear masks and disposable gloves.
• There are posters and brochures on pandemic and hygiene issues in staff common areas, and a safe physical distance rule is applied in these areas.
• Each of our employees knows and applies the safe physical distance rule in their relations with our guests and among themselves. Our employees, who are in direct contact with the guest, apply masks when necessary.
• Certified Workplace Physicians work for our employees in all our hotels. We have action plans in possible situations.
• Since the beginning of the pandemic process, trainings have been given to all our personnel by specialist companies and health teams regarding the current pandemic, prevention methods and transmission conditions, and they are constantly being repeated. These issues are constantly discussed in the Operations Meetings held every day.


• Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, SPA and Wellness Units, Playgrounds, Public Spaces, Congress Halls and all other guest areas, as well as Kitchen Areas, Personnel Usage Areas, offices and warehouses are detailed with Hydrogen Peroxide-based material, the effects of which are known and approved. is disinfected.

• Disinfection processes carried out by professional teams will be continued periodically.
• In addition, our mobile disinfection teams formed within our hotel are also working on this issue.


• It is forbidden to use our room capacities in our hotel for a certain period of time. In this way, it is aimed to ensure that the required safe physical contact distance is maintained in our food and beverage units.

• Our open buffet service has been closed for a while. Our breakfast service will be served as a la carte as much as possible.
• Table, chair, stool and session intervals in all our Food & Beverage units have been arranged in accordance with social distance rules.
• Table cloths and cloth napkins will not be used in our hotel. Instead, menage materials will be disinfected after a single use.
• The tea and coffee machines used as self-service in our restaurants will not be available to our guests for a while.
• In our Food and Beverage units, the dishes will definitely be washed with a dishwasher, not by hand.
• General cleaning of Food and Beverage venues and cleaning of tables, chairs, counters, buffets and all other materials and materials will be carried out duly at the beginning and end of the service, and disinfection processes will be carried out.
• All our personnel will use disposable gloves and masks.


• We work with Diversey, which is internationally known for chemical cleaning products in all of our hotels. Diversey officials provide detailed training to all our personnel at regular intervals. In this way, it is ensured that the right chemicals are used in the appropriate dose during cleaning. Cleaning processes are provided with suitable cleaning materials and different equipment for each area.

• As always, great attention is paid to the cleaning of surfaces that are constantly touched, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilet bowls in all general areas and WCs, and after cleaning with water and detergent, diluted bleach and chlorine tablets is used. Our personnel working in all these works carry out these operations with masks and disposable gloves.
• There are hand disinfection apparatus and units in all our general places, in our WCs and at every point of need, and these are followed meticulously.
• Cleaning and disinfection intervals are inspected by means of detailed checklists prepared by tightening them.
• The capacity utilization of our elevators is limited so that only members of a family, 4 people from the same group or a maximum of 4 people who do not know each other can ride at the same time. Elevator operating instructions are placed in visible places.
• All common areas and sitting groups in general areas have been rearranged taking into account safe physical distances.


• A number of additional measures have been taken for you, our valued guests, to enter and exit our hotels in an easy and hygienic way.

• Suitcases and other belongings will be taken to our hotel after being disinfected by our staff who have received the necessary training and will be sent to our guests' rooms safely.
• By means of our personnel at our entrance gates, our guests will be subjected to a fire measurement and in case of a negative situation, this situation will be shared with them only in accordance with the KVKK laws, and necessary actions will be taken as written in our action plans.
• Our staff will explain the precautions we have taken and the measures we have taken, a welcome cologne will be offered and the hand brochures we have made on the subject will be given to our guests. Our friends are assigned to help you in every way.
• All measures have been taken to ensure that there is no congestion at the entrances and exits to our hotels, safe distance intervals are shown, and safe resting areas are created when it is necessary to wait.
• The door cards will be given to our guests safely in their disinfected and protected envelopes, prepared before our guests enter the hotel. The pens given to you to fill in the required documents are prepared in their special bags and for one-time use. All entry registration procedures will be carried out taking into account the safe physical distance.
• Our non-contact POS machines will be used within certain limits and these machines will be disinfected continuously.
• Our guests will be able to use our Mobile Applications, if they wish, in order to be informed about fast and healthy communication and necessary announcements.
• All transactions that may require contact during check-in and check-out will be carried out duly and within the framework of the safe distance rule.


• Our aim in all our guest rooms is to offer you the environment where you will stay in a hygienic and clean place.

• Our housekeeping staff and managers working in Room Cleaning work with masks and disposable gloves. After the cleaning of each room, hands are washed and new masks, gloves and cleaning cloths are changed before the cleaning of the other room starts.
• Effective disinfectant Diversy chemicals are used in room cleaning. More importance is given to the surfaces that are constantly touched with hands, door handles, batteries, telephone handset, television remote, air conditioner control, lighting switches, water heaters, coffee machines, minibars are also disinfected after cleaning.
• Linen and towel materials are changed daily and no whisking or shaking is done during the collection or spreading of them, so dust and particles are not allowed to form, and the dirty ones are collected by bagging separately.
• All linen and towels used are washed at 90 degrees and for sufficient times.
• The toiletries prepared for the daily use of our guests are disinfected before they are put in their places, and in addition to these products, our additional hand disinfectants are included in this set for your use.
• In our hotel, our minibar products are received after being disinfected from suppliers, kept in a safe environment and served to our rooms.
• Our rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 1 hour after cleaning and are routinely subjected to ozonation.
• Room capacity usage is meticulously monitored and rooms are placed as infrequently as possible, and no new guests are admitted to our checked-out rooms for a certain period of time after all cleaning and disinfection procedures.


• In the Hammam, Sauna, Massage areas and care services, services will be provided by creating extremely hygienic conditions, with pre-secured or disposable materials and materials.

• All our personnel performing the applications must comply with the rules we have set to ensure their personal hygiene before and after each application, and they will work with masks in dry places.
• Usage capacities in our sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions.
• All sports equipment, machinery and equipment in our Fitness Centers have been rearranged at appropriate distances and disinfection processes will be carried out immediately after each use.
• General places such as dressing rooms, showers, WCs, wardrobes and keys, and all materials used such as towels, bathrobes, loincloths are safely cleaned and disinfected.


• New arrangements are made by making the Indoor Pool sparser according to the safe physical distance rule between the sun loungers. The capacity of the pool sides is extremely sufficient.

• Pool cleaning will continue to be carried out in accordance with chemical values ​​that will not allow any disease or epidemic, as always.
• All sun loungers, sun lounger cushions, pool materials are cleaned and disinfected daily.
• Trouble-free operation of Indoor Pool ventilation systems is ensured.


• It is seen that the extraordinary situation caused by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has quickly entered the normalization process. Because the health systems of our country are extremely prepared and very adequate for such situations.

• The location where our hotel is located is central and access to full-fledged health institutions is very easy. In possible case situations, our action plans are ready. All transactions and applications are recorded in detail.
• All of our materials and products that we offer or manufacture to our valued guests are purchased from safe suppliers and accepted to our facility after all necessary control and disinfection processes. Storage and storage conditions and production methods in our hotel are carried out in extremely hygienic environments.
• In addition to all these, we continue to support the Hygiene Certification program, which was decided to be established by the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of certain criteria, and which will be a first in the world and will be given by internationally recognized companies to tourism businesses.
• The transmission of the Corona Virus 2019 (Covid-19) epidemic from person to person is by respiratory droplets or direct contact from an infected person. For this reason, Guest & Guest, Guest & Employee and Employee & Employee relations are extremely important in accommodation facilities. As Grand Millennium, we are happy to serve in the most hygienic and safe way with this awareness.